The Rochester Pentecostal Church was started in 1964 in a house at 1711 40th St NW by Pastor and Mrs. John Hall. The first business meeting was held on January 12, 1966.
In November of 1967, Bro. Donn Moehlenpah was voted in as pastor. In May of 1968, Bro. Moehlenpah and members decided to buy the East Side Church of Christ, 420 11th Ave. NE.
The first service of the Rochester Pentecostal Church was held on Sunday morning August 25, 1968. In October of 1972, Bro. Roy Moorman was elected pastor.
In May of 1973, Bro. Dennis Condon was voted as pastor.
In April of 1976, Bro. Robert Kaske was voted in as pastor of the Rochester Pentecostal Church. May 13, 1976, Bro. Kaske and his family moved to Rochester from Winona, Minnesota. Previous to this, Bro. Kaske evangelized for six months.
September of 1983, the Rochester Pentecostal School was formed with the start of eight students.
On November 18, 1995, The Winona, Minnesota outreach was started.
In the month of June in 1995 the Spanish Ministry was started.
Prison Ministry was started at the Federal Medical Center in April of 1995.
In August 1995, tent services were held on the new property.
On August 19, 2001, the Ground Breaking Service was held.
August 27, 2001, work began on the new building.
The first service in the new building was held on March 3, 2002.
In March 2002, work began on Phase 2 of the building/Sanctuary.
September 1, 2002 the first service was held in the new sanctuary.
The Dedication Service was held on November 16, 2002.
Since May of 1976, when Bro. Kaske became pastor about 800 people have been baptized and received the Holy Ghost. Many of those saved are Mayo Clinic patients from all over the globe. Our church body is not only located in Rochester, but around the world.
God has blessed the Rochester Pentecostal Church congregation in so many ways. As we look back, let's thank God for His past blessings, and also look forward to the work that needs to be done.