Rochester Pentecostal School

A safe Christian haven in an un-Christian world!

Rochester Pentecostal School is a ministry of Rochester Pentecostal Church, provides a Christ-centered formal education for the children of our church families. The ministry of Rochester Pentecostal School is to assist these families in training their children, preparing them for effective, godly service. At Rochester Pentecostal School, students are viewed as children of God, created in God's image to be molded, developed and encouraged to use their talents and gifts for a life of responsible Christian service.
  • Provide a safe, caring environment in which children can discover, explore and learn about themselves, others and world God made.
  • Model and encourage the love of God
  • Instill in each child the knowledge of their value as a child of God
  • Provide a rigorous academic curriculum
  • Provide individualized attention